Tuesday, December 21, 2010

good gifts for happy hineys

today chris had his first day off in over a week. after spending way too many hours & days living in retail purgatory, he was sweet enough to go out today & buy our christmas presents. and by "our" i mean mine & his. because he wanted new speakers & i apparently can't be trusted to pick out technology unattended.

what i wanted was a new computer chair. i spend a lot of time sitting in this chair in the kitchen, between doing school with brooke, blogging, facebooking, eating meals. and after a few years, the cheap seat cushion had gone completely flat. it was like a board with a dumpy old granny towel folded up for padding.

a dude named byron was my hubby's new BFF today at office depot & helped him pick out the perfect chair for me & speakers for himself. and boy did he ever do a good job, because this chair is the greatest gift my butt could get. it was awful to assemble, but the final product is glorious.

doesn't the old one look like it's ashamed of itself? puny & sad, while the new one is majestic & throne-like. ready to serve my hiney's lounging needs.

and chris got his speakers hooked up & working nicely. he commented while we were putting them together, "there are air holes in the tweeters." which, of course, made me giggle. really, hon, air holes in the tweeters? what purpose do such things serve?
"makes them perform better so they won't blow."

ah yes, we're having good times with happy butts and ears in this house.


  1. a throne fit for a queen!!!! may your ass never be sore again!

  2. that's one heck of a chair! my cheeks are jealous!


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