Tuesday, December 7, 2010

word verification wednesday 2

it's that time again... the time when i take the stupid wiggly "words" that some people have on their blogs before you can post a comment & i breathe life into them. i give them meaning so that they can go forth & be useful.

militat - a tattoo signifying something military related. as in, "check out the semper fi militat on that stud muffin."

ovecupt - boobs that have been crammed into a bra that's too small & are overflowing. as in, "look at the wrinkly, ovecupt hooters on her! you'd think by her age, she'd learn to tuck those things in!"

loncher - a lawn chair notorious for tipping over & launching its occupant to the ground. as in, "no way, make the new guy sit in the loncher this time."

pleppe - a snooty, french bathroom attendant. as in, "why, yes, pleppe, i would like a splash of that cologne. and do you have any good cuban cigars available?"

woofo - the villian in the as-of-yet-unmade "dirty dogs of dallas" movie. as in, "don't worry, bitch, i won't let woofo get within butt-sniffing distance of your dog house."

souzzlf - a delicacy served in canada that consists of fluffy egg whites with ground elves and just a hint of honey drizzled over the top. as in, "waitress, i'd like to order two helpings of the souzzlf tonight. it's such a shame that there aren't more dishes made from elves because they're just so light & delectable."

dicups - a medical condition wherein a man's wiener spasmodically jerks up & down of its own accord. as in, "i hate it when the speaker get a case of dicups. it's very distracting!"


  1. Those are hysterical! Link up with my blog when it posts after midnight! lol

  2. It's hard to get a good souzzlf at this time of year when all the elves have been secreted away for slave labor at the North Pole.

  3. I have actually seen a guy w/ the case of the dicups haha, I found it kinda hawt. Course he was naked at the time ;) LOL <3 the new words and meanings ur a hoot!

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  5. Somehow it duplicated... maybe the comment box was getting turned on haha

  6. Hilarious, especially the last one!


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