Saturday, December 4, 2010

search engines

yesterday i wrote a post that i thought was pretty funny. i got some great comments from some really nice people, (as well as one from a woman who was less nice, but whatever) but the downside is that i've been getting a lot of google traffic from pervs who are coming here looking for... well, i can't say the word because that will continue to attract them. let's just say, they're looking for something w/ the nickname of a large, spitting, desert-dwelling animal's toes.

i've had some funny & some disturbing hits from google searches in the past, but this is one that's getting way too much attention for my comfort level.

here's what i'm getting from my stat counters
4 c@me1 toe               ok, i understand the reason they found me, but eew!
2 c@me1toes
1 loincloth              when will i learn to use words that aren't triggers for wackos?
2 "hyperbole and a half" "do i look pretty"      nothing but good can from being associated with allie at hyperbole and a half
2 booger buddies          really? people search for this?
1 "do i look pretty" hyperbole
1 laughing abs off means
1 "clear rain hat"            i'm pretty sure i've never written anything involving rain hats, clear or otherwise
4 do i look pretty hyperbole and half
1 aspie loincloth         um... yuck!
1 "her face in my boobs"         naughty!
1 why are my abs off              i wish i could honestly type this question!!
1 "do i look pretty" hyperbole
1 girl wet pants roller coaster ohio pee           really?!? this brought them to me?
1 wedgie
1 "cut most of it off" hair          makes perfect sense
1 ""             oh my. there's a .com for that?
1 vagina
1 big boobs
1 bald bikini girl

as we can see here, there's been a sudden influx of pervy traffic in the past 24 hrs that's showing up here, hoping for a look at something they're not going to find on my page. and for that reason, i'm considering taking down the last post. i really don't want to be attracting the dregs of society to my page, even for the sake of kicks & giggles. if you see that it's gone, or maybe just given some adjustments to hopefully trick the search engines, you'll know why.


  1. The pervs don't hang around when they discover there's nothing to keep them there. I get some for several of my posts. I just delete their comments. I have to approve comments on anything older than 5 days, so deleting them is a one step deal on blogger.

  2. For a while my yummystuff blog was getting traffic via a Russian porn site. I honestly don't how. My husband says traffic is traffic, who cares. I just find it a bit odd.
    I thought that post was hilarious.
    I approve all my comments because I have gotten spam before, not pervert spam, just the regular kind.

  3. Oh let's see who else comes to visit! LOL
    Booger Buddies? Really?

  4. Ughhh girl... that is terrible.. lol sorry I had to laugh out loud... the only thing that is creeping me out is I get all these people from Russia and some Asian countries landing on one particular blog, which was about little girls and lavender fields, and I often wonder it they are paedophiles! Eeek!


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