Monday, December 13, 2010

kicked in the boob

nothing tops off a day of homeschooling hell like getting kicked in the boob at the dinner table by a spastic, scowling child with ice cold feet & then having that same child proceed to vomit out the dinner you just worked on for over an hour. and then, she has the nerve to ask for a cookie.

some days should get a do-over.


  1. Home-schooling? I would rather have a pap smear with a rattle snake!

    Give her two cookies! She is just too cute!

  2. A do-over? I am grateful that some days never have to be lived again! Why would you want to do it again? There's no guarantee it wouldn't turn out worse the next time! Tomorrow is a new day. And you can give her a cookie and tell her it's from Mimi. Definitely not from Mommy!

  3. you are absolutely correct. i don't want to do it again. maybe a skip then. make this day disappear into oblivion never to be recalled again...

    missy - lol about the rattle snake pap! that sounds like something that could get your blood pumping just wondering if at any moment you might recieve a venom filled stab in the girlie bits!

  4. I hope tomorrow is a better day...and she is a cutie!

  5. how can you even get mad at that cutie patootie who looks just like you... scowl and all... LOL

  6. The first thing that I noticed was the look on the cat's face. Is that a smile? A plead for help? I can't decide.

  7. Ugh, vomit.
    Cleaning that up has always made me about get sick too.

    @ CarrieAnn, that's funny.

  8. Is that a little bit of vomit on her chin?....
    Seriously, great picture, and that cat! Come on, effin cute or what!
    But ya, do-over!


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