Sunday, December 12, 2010

the sounds of the season aka: BAD KITTY!

today started out with noise. i woke up to the sound of my alarm. three different times. i just wanted to snuggle up against my warm, snoring honey, glad that he was finally getting some rest. holiday season working the night shift in a book store means very late nights & lots of stress being shovelled down the corporate ladder, so i was glad he was snoozing peacefully & decided to let him sleep in & skip church this morning.

i left my room to the sound of youtube playing in the kitchen. once again, brooke was up & surfing the webkinz videos. i smiled, happy to know that she's techno savvy & capable of entertaining herself. and also that she's not hunting for naughty business online yet.

a hot shower followed & there may have been some singing of christmas carrols under the steam. then it was brooke's turn under the hot water & when i stepped out of the bathroom to find clothes, i heard the tinkling of a little bell. i stopped in my tracks to think about what it could be. chris was still snoring. brooke was showering. sophie (old cat) was sleeping in my room. that only left nim, the stupid unsophisticated kitten. it was coming from the living room. the room where the christmas tree currently resides. crap. i know that sound - it's the bell on a fancy little ornament that i've had for decades & hung up, along with all the other delicates at the very top of the tree this year in hopes of keeping it out of reach of the furry little minkey.

we've been chasing ms kitten britches out of the tree since the night we put it up. we keep a squirt bottle loaded & ready to fire into the tree at the slightest provocation. she usually just gives us a look like she's grateful that we saved her a trip the water bowl & licks her fur dry just until we turn around or leave the room & then straight back up into the branches again.

but this time, she'd made it all the way to the top. when i came hauling down the stairs in my bathrobe prepared to give her a proper soaking, this is the sight that greeted me.
she was too cute for me to squirt her before taking a couple pics, so she got to prolong her glorious moment in her kitty condo o pine.

then there was the sound of her diving backwards out of the tree & down into the corner with a plop and a thump when i unloaded my water cannon on her. good times.

i'm participating in the show me your tree blog hop & here's the button that should take you into the homes & trees of others if you're interested.

Show Me Your Tree


  1. I still can't believe she made it without knocking the tree over. lol

  2. Oh my. Naughty, naughty Nim. But so cute. Sooooo cute.

  3. OMG I would have died! I keep all my glass/vintage ornaments on top, luckily my cats are too little to be that curious yet. however Im sure I will find one of the naughty dogs on top one day! they have managed to eat most of the plastic or handmade ornaments... and even bit one of my elves and broke it! they are porcelain I believe! we keep our water bottle loaded!

  4. She's so darn cute! How could you bring yourself to spray her???

  5. Your kitten is so beautiful.
    She's just like your own live topper.

  6. I love it!
    My cats are too fat to do anything but just stare at the tree!

  7. way too cute... makes it hard to discipline, doesn't it?

  8. OMG.....thats funny! Love that you took a picture of it!

    I'm a new follower. Hilarious blog!

    Amy's Life @

  9. Hi, found you on the "Tree Hop." Awesome tree topper...ha ha...I can't believe your cat is up there. I recently became a follower. I would appreciate it if you would visit my blog Rufina's Opinions And Reviews R.O.A.R and return the favor.

  10. Adorable! I had a cat once who woke me up in the middle of the night after she knocked the whole tree over and then had to extricate herself from under it. Balls and tinsel flying everywhere!


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