Sunday, December 19, 2010

june freakin cleaver

2010 has been my year for adventurous cooking. i'm horribly bored of all the food i've been eating since i gave up meat 12 years ago & it was time for me to learn now to do some things that are outside of my comfort zone. i got a wok and a food processor for christmas last year & i've been putting them to good use, even making things i've never heard of.

today, we got home from church & i set to work making a nice lunchish meal. i chopped up all kinds of veggies (including parsnips which i've never even seen before yesterday) and made vegetable tarts. it was when i was forming up the edges of the little dough bowls that i looked down at myself - i was making TARTS, for God's sake, wearing a lacy tank camisole, a cardigan and a string of my deceased grandma's pearls and looking for all the world like june freakin cleaver!

it's a good thing i wasn't wearing a bra because at least i was able to tell us apart since i'm sure june never would have been caught around the kitchen without her fancy pantsy bra & girdle & i can assure you, no girdle lives here. this is the belly and booby free zone.

this one's a bit closer to my own personal mantra.


  1. Vegetable tarts! braless, no less; I'm impressed!

  2. nothing better than a belly and booby free zone...!!

  3. Received pearls from a friend this weekend AND did a bit of cooking. Now if only I could bring myself to go braless...


  4. Mind if I borrow your mantra? I'm having issues with cleanliness in my home lately.
    Have fun learning to cook new stuff...just so you know M&M Meats has some great, fast, easy, fast, easy foods you can throw in the oven for 20 min. :)


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