Wednesday, December 1, 2010

word verification wednesday

as most of you probably know, when you comment on many blogs, there's a word verification process wherein you need to type some gibberish in order to leave your comment. for me, that's a pesty extra step, so i took it away in order to hopefully make commenting on my blog a more pleasurable experience. but that doesn't mean i get to skip that step when commenting on other people's blogs. it was suggested by eva over at wrestling with retirement that we should save these "words" & refurbish them into useful contributors in our language. i think that's a great idea, so i've been writing them down each time i've run into them this week & i'd like to present you with my new suggestions for webster.

haliaku - a haiku written specifically about halitosis. as in, "students, this week we've been studying dental hygiene and the art of japanese poetry, so now i want you to each write a haliaku"

stionate - someone's who's fashion taste got stuck in another era. as in, "that stionate needs to get out of the 80's because color blocking and florescents do nothing for her hips."

trubidi - a woman who's been a chronic gossip her whole life. as in, "i swear, that trubidi's been talking crap about people since she learned to form words."

anter - an entomologist who takes a special interest in ants. as in they'd write in their personal ad, "anter seeking female with pointy mandibles and curvaceous abdomen."

lumpers - slang for a venereal disease common among soldiers. as in, "how many more men are going to catch the lumpers before they start using the rubbers they're given?"

dimids - a group of dumb kids. as in, "some years a teacher gets a great class, other years, nothing but dimids."

wactio - what you call your crappy import car that's green, but has no power and won't drive faster than 38 mph. as in, "you'll be sorry you bought that wactio when you need to bash it out with the crazy shoppers on black friday."

spoldbab - a vile smelling, moldy substance sometimes found in spongebob's tighty whities. as in (spoken in my crabs' voice) "spongebob, maybe if you changed your underwear sometimes, you wouldn't get that spoldbab and drive away all our customers."


  1. I love it! You've even done a better job than I! lol

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha! I've seen plenty of spoldbab in my life, and I've never even met Spongebob!

  3. you know... the other day i got BIG HO as my word verification... so I suppose you could use that in your dictionary

    BIG Ho = Average Girl over at Its an Average Life

    Nice huh!


  4. @eva, thank you. i was inspired by yours & couldn't pass up an opportunity to make crap up.

    @carrie, i love you too.

    @mom, you poor, poor cleaner of the spoldbab.

    @tracy, i'd never call you big ho! (to your face)

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  6. I think the same things as I leave comments on peoples' pages...what a good idea! I might have to steal this one for a post on mine!

  7. Thank You! I have been wanting to Post about this for weeks. I used to get the spam thing occasionally and I LIVED!!! Now, Google has the new Spam block "stuff" and I have had none!!
    Come people, take it off!


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