Wednesday, January 5, 2011

chuckle bucket

i don't have a whole story here today, just a couple snippets of funny to share.

when i was painting, brooke (8 yrs old) came in & was examining the freshly painted surface of a cabinet.

she said, "mom, there are little fuzzy hairs stuck in the paint."

me, "i know. i'll have to sand a bunch of it down & give it a third coat."

brooke, "wouldn't it be funny if a cuticle hair got stuck in the paint?"

me, checking my cuticles for hair...

brooke, "wait, not cuticle... PUBIC! that's what i meant to say! i knew it was one of those ick hairs."

and then there was the moment between loads of laundry when i looked at the washer & noticed a fluffy tail sticking up. so i looked down in & found this.

and then there was brooke yelling from her bedroom, "come quick! you've got to see this!" so i ran in & found the kitten once again up to no good. slapping the ceiling fan.

the end.


  1. cats and kids are always good for a laugh

  2. I'm not sure what's worse:

    That there's a cat in your washing machine, or that your 8 year old knows wtf a pube is.

    I'm going with the 'pube' one.

  3. sounds like a quirky kind of day!

  4. moooooog, she's an informed lil thing. in the getting-information-from-books-and-having-honest-discussions-with-mom kind of way.

  5. That kitty likes to live dangerously eh?

  6. Eh! That's funny. Looked through some of the posts I missed too - why, o why didn't I follow? Must've been more than ordinarily scatty last time I visted!

  7. I KNEW there was a reason to have cats and kids hangin' 'round!

  8. That was definitely good for some chuckles.

    Sorry, I have a mani-pedi schedules and I really need them to cut my pubes...I mean wait, pubes was right.

  9. oh nari, your comment was so funny! i love funny comments! =)

  10. No dull moments when there's a cat in the house, is there? I'm not sure I will be able to keep a straight face when my child starts talking cuticle hairs to me ;-)

  11. Pesky kitty! Good you checked before the spin cycle.........

  12. Visiting from BPOTW.
    So cute! Kids and cats...priceless!


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