Thursday, January 20, 2011

ninety nine

great googly mooglies, i've got 99 followers! i never thought i'd see the day that i had more than 33. and i say 33 because i sat there at 33 for several months without moving at all. that was okay since i don't really need anyone to read my crap in order for me to benefit from the free therapy that i get from writing. but it is kinda nice when i write things & then people read it & comment. you know, comments like "that's funny." or "you're so gross, i puke into my computer when i read your stories." or "dammit, i just piddled down my leg." or "american woman are the anti-christ and are perverse whores who must be killed." oh wait, that last one wasn't on my page. i did see it on several other people's pages in the past few days & i'm feeling a little bit left out for not getting spammed with the weirdest one yet. but i did get a nice one once about bad breath.

bad breath said...

hope this helps you. I had awful bad breath and tonsil stones. thank god my only friend told me to check Oraltech Labs advice as it got rid of her bad breath and her post nasal drip. I've been following Oraltech Labs advice for about 4 months now and I feel much better, also at work people are not avoiding me anymore so it seems to have cured my bad breath as well, so good luck. Jenny NY

poor jenny from the block and her tonsil stones.

i see a lot of people who do the "follow me & i'll follow you back" thing when they're blog hopping. i get the concept - they're trying to have more followers for whatever reason. maybe they've made themselves a personal goal & they're going to do whatever it takes to reach it. or maybe they're trying to make money from their blog & they can't get advertisers unless they have gobs & piles of followers. or maybe they're lonely & rarely leave the house so the internet provides them with the only friendishes in their life, so they're trying to boost their numbers in order to feel more popular.

but i can't do that. i'm happy to follow anyone who's site i find & like. i don't do the sites that are only about product reviews or giveaways. i don't care what you think about a product, i want a peek into your life. i want to know how you feel about your pets. or what gets you up & out of bed in the morning. or about that time in elementary school when you got caught pooping in a urinal. or how God pulled you out of a nasty spot & set you back on your feet again through the kindness of strangers. or how you have IBS and crapped yourself while running through walmart. oh wait, that's my story.

i mostly just want to thank all of you for being here. for laughing at me when i expose my underbelly. for supporting me when i fall & bruise my dignity & my knee. for saying nice things when i tell you about my dead cats. for telling me that my kid is cute even though she's always wearing ears & a tail. you are supportive and amusing and thoughtful and you make my life better simply by coming by to visit. your comments make my heart light up. thanks for that.

you make me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. like i have a cat sleeping on my head.


  1. that is a good post. and yes being cuaght up in all the hoopla is so easy..and I have found myself in that too. So much so for that and a number of other reasons I ditched my old blog that was apparently quite funny. It was me being funny on a computer that rarely comes out in real life....well so they tell me. people in this house think I have no sense of humour.pft.

    I needed those words because lately I have been tempted to break all my rules that I started blogging with.

    I don't like the same things you do. I only wanted to post MY work and pics and the last two posts have not been my own...well that it not numbers are not going up, so maybe I need to be my stupid self because apparently people got a kick out of it.

    the problem is I AM all those things I post to one degree or another.

    the only thing I am not is one of those people who scramble on top of everyone else to get to the top. and pretend all these people are my sweet and talented friends. who belong to my "A" club.

    it is a hard pill to swallow in adulthood when you see other women falling into that same trap.

    I abhorred it as a teen and do now and yet found myself crawling and begging ( in my mind at least) to almost succumbing to the same... thing.


    trying to please others has never been my game, especially for a pat on the back. it isn't a real pat.

    who knew this blog world could be so stupid.

    anyhoo, thanks for the post I needed to hear that, because I have been unhappy with me, because my followers did not grow..and realize that was dumb.

    thanks for setting me straight.

  2. Oh Sherilin..

    99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, did I just blink, I cannot believe all your new followers... Well you deserve it my friend. You make me giggle all the time.

  3. pink, i love your pretty blog, but do you still have another one where you write funny foolishness? i think writing brings out different things in different people. like certain facets of yourself that are closed or hidden in your everday life have a chance to open up & flow when your fingers are on a keyboard. let it flow, let it flow!

    tracy, thanks. and when's your next fart post coming out?

  4. from one blog to the other, i reached here, and im ur 100th follower.
    P.S : i loved ur style ;) and thats why im ur follower

  5. "i don't care what you think about a product, i want a peek into your life. i want to know how you feel about your pets. or what gets you up & out of bed in the morning. or about that time in elementary school when you got caught pooping in a urinal. or how God pulled you out of a nasty spot & set you back on your feet again through the kindness of strangers."

    that is just the sweetest thing :)
    i'm glad i stumbled into your blog :)
    new follower here ! :)

  6. I never got why people would ask if you follow them cause they follow you. Geez pressure of what? LOL!
    Anyhoo... I follow you cause you're funny. And I really appreciate when you mosey on over and comment on my page to. 100? I wish! LOL! I was excited when my count jumped from 14 to a massive 16! But I agree, I want whoever follows my blog to be interested. Love the kitty head warmer, where can I get one? (P.S. if my giant moggy sat on my head I'm afraid I'd die of asphyxiation)

  7. I have looked at over four hundred blogs, looking for the interesting, bizarre and downright funny things that go on in peoples lives (or make up).

    But I only follow 16 people.

    They are the ones (so far) that tickle my with their offerings and deserve to be followed.

    If these people follow me back, then I hope they do it because they like the dribble I spout, and not just because it's easy to make a few clicks.

    I stumbled onto your blog during one of my blog-trawls and I decided you were my kind of dribbler!

    Keep it up!

  8. Man, you totally got way better spam than I got. Mine was super boring real estate stuff. Although apparently I can totes hook you up if you want land in TX.

    But OMG, can I hit "like" a thousand times? I enjoy reading blogs because I enjoy peeping into people's lives. People like me, unlike me, and especially people who would avoid me like the plague. Cross the street all you want, you can't get away from me!

    Even if it's not my style, I love seeing what people are making and doing to make their lives more beautiful.

    I feel really lucky I'm a really fast reader, so I can keep up with a ton of blogs right now, but I get so agitated when people have a crappy post to giveaway/review ratio. I can take the occasional, but when I follow someone, and for everyone one post, it's 10 reviews, UGH.

    I figure with the rate I'm adding new blogs, I'll have to start a hard cull in the next few weeks. And then I get all panicky, cause am I personally rejecting someone? I'm better now at figuring out if a blog is not gonna work for me. But in general, I'm ok giving people time to grow on me, plus I'm kind of using it to push me out of my people comfort zone.

    I admit I do like knowing people are reading what I'm spewing. It's totally stupid, but I admit when people comment on something I did or wrote, it makes me feel really happy. When someone whose blog I really enjoy (like yours!) comments on my blog, I feel pretty inspired to keep on blogging.

    Should I be able to find all that mess inside me? Sure! But I'm only human, and I want everyone to like me. LIKE MEEEEE. ahem.

    So I participate in various crafty linky parties, and try to find bloggers I like and hope they like me too. I try not to get TOO insane about it, and while I do try to temper my language (cause I have serious potty mouth), I'm not gonna change who I am so I get more followers. Because I'm already totally freaking awesome (and super modest. I noticed you noticing that).

    Oh my, I've written a book in this thing. You rock, your blog is hilarious and thanks for sharing your vulnerable underbelly.

    Alicia {ProtoDoom}

  9. A huge Congrats on 99!! Now you can party like its 1999!! Was that too corny? Sorry, but seriously that is awesome! I also like the picture of the cutie on your sleeping face! :)

  10. i gotta say, I hate cats but after seeing that picture, I like them a little more. Good job getting so many followers without even trying! I enjoy each post!

  11. Waaaaaah! Nobody spams MY blog. I know what it is: Bad breath is looking for the creme de la creme of bloggers ONLY! SO beware... bad breath is looking for you- oh. She found you. RUN!

  12. I'm with you; I only follow blogs that I enjoy and hope that's the reason people follow mine. Out of the 600+ posts I've written, I've done one product review, and one book review. (Both were items I really liked.) I am expecting to do another book reviw with a giveaway of the book in the next week or so. It will be my second giveaway; my first was a male pinup calendar that I purchased from the local chamber of commerce that had hilarious photos of middle-aged men looking like they were naked, but always with something covering their manly bits, like a BBQ grill, a surfboard, etc. I hate when I get a comment that just says, "I'm following you--follow me back."

  13. I dig my cozy group of followers. We have so much fun in the comments section. Sometimes everyone makes me nearly cry with laughter. I also love having a good think with everyone, so it's all good.

    Well damn Sherilin, some of your posts are funny as hell, so kudos to you. Kudos is, of course, a very stupid word, but just the same...

  14. Ok---Must be something in the TN air. Cause I was JUST THINKING THE SAME THING!!?!?!
    Well, not about the tonsil stones... but about the comments. Hmm,interesting.

    Well, as I was reading your post, I glanced over at the follo-ahs... and you have made it to 102.

    You rock, girl... not stones, but rock!! *snort*

  15. soorya, thank you so much & welcome!

    kostbarste, welcome & thanks. i do love to read about people's interests, etc.
    sprite, i love dropping by your blog to comment. yours yesterday w/ the buzzing story was great!

    loisa, thanks!

    symdaddy, i'm honored! makes me feel like one of the cool kids.

    alicia, we can be peepers together. especially those who wouldn't like us in real life. i bet they're thankful for us in bloggy land!

    jdrace, i would say, it's maybe not corny enough. corny it up some more, baby!

    burku, i should invite you over & let one of my cats plant her furry butt on your head & i'm pretty sure you'd be a cat fan for life!

    mutterer, bad breath found me all right. and i wish i could boycott her & her funky breath.

    eva, i've got no problem with some product reviews or giveaways. in moderation. and your calendar no doubt made some lucky blogger very happy. you're working on making a swimsuit calendar of your own now, aren't you?

    karen, i love hanging out with you & your cozy folks at your blog! that boob post had great comments! sugar tits all around!

    amy, lol, rock, not stones! that sounds so completely gross! takes my mind to stones of the kidney kind & then places them in the throat. barf!

  16. Congrats! You are awesome, poop and all!

  17. You are too cute. Congrats at your 99 followers! For a long time I did get sucked into just needing more followers- no reason, just like an ego-boost I guess? Then I took a long hiatus. Screw that, I want to talk about what I wanna talk about, like emergency bras damnit. So cheers to you- and you have IBS? Well, then we must be kindred spirits! Oh the stories I could tell...

  18. missy, thanks, i'm glad to be accepted in spite of my poo stories. or is it possibly because of them?

    meg, i liked your emergency bra. it's good when a bra can serve more than one function. and woohoo! ibs buddies! maybe we should have necklaces made. one butt cheek for each of us.

  19. Awesome. You have 11 times more than me. :)
    I know I get read and not followed and I am OK with that.
    I enjoy reading your blog.

  20. Congrats- 99 followers, so exciting! I love your blog and I love your comments, Sherilin. You crack me up. I hate when ppl just follow your blog without reading it and ask that you follow theres, its so frustrating! Sorry about the poo thing:-( But I love that you blog about poo...I was told once all I ever blog about was farts and Cheezits- ha!

  21. Aaaaaah hahaha that photo is so cute! Congrats on all the followers. I used to sign up to follow blogs, but they're listed on the dashboard thingy or something and I'm never there to check them - I'm too busy reading the blogs I read regularly but probably never got around to officially signing on to follow!

  22. My cat sleeps on my head too...I usually have the one on my laying on my side and the dog at my feet...quite comical~!!

    Greetings and salutations~!!

    GFC follow from It's Freakin' Friday Blog Hop *heavensent1*...ifn you have a moment, please stop by my place and have a look around ~ Mad Moose Mama ~ ~ Have yourself a gloriously groovy Friday~!! Peaces...xoxo

  23. Awesome! You're already up to 103 this morning! I do product reviews at times, but I could never give over my whole blog to them. I like airing my laundry too much. LOL

    I have considered making a blog just for reviews and keeping the two things separate.

    As for followers, I want folks to follow me because they are interested. That's why I never push them to, in order to have a better chance of winning my giveaways etc...

    You have a great blog and are hilarious! Keep up the good work!

  24. I'm right there with you. and I have all of - what, 10? - followers. but I love your blog. it's funny! you consistently brighten my day, both with your posts and your comments on my page. you go, girl!

  25. I admit to the leg piddling thing. I wish I could get some bladder control ad comments. But no, all of the comments I receive have to do with my actual blog, go figure.

    Oh, by the did that commenter know you had bad breath?

  26. ruth, i think at least half of my readers don't follow. i guess if you're not a blogger or don't have a gmail act, the following thing doesn't mean anything, you just read it because you like it.

    shalyn, you're awesome because you can google about cheezits all day & people still love you. i think we want to pick you up, squeeze you & brush your pretty blonde hair.

    tattytiara, isn't she so cute? i need to check your page out. you must be a kitty lover like me.

    heavensent, i can't get both cats to sleep with me at the same time. they both think they're too cool to share real estate.

    dawna, i see nothing wrong w/ some reviews from time to time. like yours today about the dryer bar. best thing ever!

    jess, you make me feel all warm & fuzzy inside w/ your sweet words. =)

    nari, it's one of my goals to make people piddle. i always know i've done a good thing when i get leg piddles or crying tears of laughter (at least i assume it's from laughter). and i assume bad breath visited me because i was posting about writing haiku's about halitosis. cuz that's normal, right?

  27. I'm glad I was one of the original 33. I think I was like, number 2, or something. Because I recognized your awesomeness early on!

  28. 99!? Wow! You're amazing.. you have to be to have Nim on your head like that. Just saying.

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