Saturday, January 8, 2011

the watcher

i know that my most recent posts have been mainly stuff about my kid and cats & you can only keep that up for so long before people start to tune in elsewhere. because no one thinks your kid is as awesome as you think they are. but i took a picture last night that i felt the need to share with you guys. the book in the picture is one that was a christmas gift for brooke and she was falling asleep looking at it last night. and what a page to leave it on when she laid her little head down for a rest!

The Paper Mama


  1. Simply beautiful. Thanks for commenting on my latest post. I've been checking you out ever so often, love what you write, especially the fixing up your bathroom one...what a laugh! You're definately worth following.

  2. Oh my! This is so awesome!!

    Get her a puppy, NOW!!!

  3. Once in a lifetime photo...brilliant!

  4. How sweet is that! I love photos like this, so memorable :)

    I found you from Saying Hi Sunday! Have a great week and hope to see you stop by my blog sometime!

  5. You are right about the " ... because no one thinks your kid is as awesome as you think they are ... " part, but we are all forgiving when the picture is cute.

    Does that doggy look hungry to you?

  6. Oh that is a GREAT photo - I did that 'aaahhh!' thing that Mums do when they see something cute.
    I popped over to say thank you for commenting on my last post. The sales staff had a good laugh about the 'sour old bat' after she left the shop. I think you need a huge sense of humour to work in some of these places. I'd probably tell her to 'sling her hook' or something ruder if it were my shop. That'll explain why I don't work in one then!
    Thank you again for passing by - it always means a lot that people take the time not only to visit but to leave a comment. I appreciate it.
    Now I'm off to look at that wonderful photo again and say 'aaahhh!' It's the sort of photo they use for an advertising campaign or art poster.

  7. you couldn't possibly resist taking and posting a picture like that. It's a wonderful photo.

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    The Dad!

  9. Cool!
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  10. That is BEAUTIFUL and doesn't bore me even one little bit!

  11. Its art: Love (the dog) watching over innocence, even though it only does so in print. If I were you, I'd make a big print of it and frame it. Its classic!

  12. This is just so beautiful! Wonderful entry!


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