Tuesday, January 18, 2011

scab reservoir

a few days ago i was tip toeing through the ice block that is my driveway in order to put something in the mail box & as i jumped over a particularly gnarly patch, i managed to hit a spot of black ice & completely wiped out in a squealing heap on the ground. my hand and arm are sore and one of my knees is ganked up like a grubby little kid. usually i think that children who go around showing their boo-boos to people are dramatic little attention hounds, but as it turns out, i'm feeling the need to do that very thing. it's taking a lot of self restraint for me not to whip out the camera to photograph my owie so that i can show it to you & hope for a scrap of sympathy. and maybe a kiss on that rotten oozing place that refuses to form a scab because i'm apparently too old for my scabbing mechanism to function properly anymore. or maybe my brother was right all those years ago & you really do need to eat your scabs when they fall off so that you can store them in your scab reservoir in order to scab over more quickly after future accidents.

p.s. don't google images for scabs if you're eating. cuz, EWW!


  1. I have an oven burn on my arm that is oozing. My son took a pic on his camera phone to show at school! LOL

  2. aww, hope you are feeling better! I find when I get bruises or scaps they last forever too, must be an age thing! :(

    new follower - would love if you stopped by my blog for a visit!


  3. Remember those Garbage Pail Kids?? One was called Scabby Abby...Geez, am I showing my age again!?! If my memory serves me correctly, it's kinda nasty looking but be sure to google it! HA

    I am kinda liking the phrase,"ganked up".-- I just may quote you on that one.

    Have a good one, girl.

  4. who knew....someone needs to alert Dr. Oz, incase he doesn't know the importance of eating our scabs.!!

    reminds me of my DIVA 6 year old grandaughter. she was visiting us in Canada last summer and got stung by a hornet.
    sooooooooo funny

  5. missy, i think you should show it to everyone in order to garner sympathy for your oozing wound.

    carrie, you know you liked it.

    diva mom, i'm not thinking i like this aging business.

    amy, feel free to borrow "ganked up." it's one of my favorites. and now i have to go google scabby abby to satisfy my boundless curiosity. btw, don't google merkin.

    wendy, lol about your girl! that makes me like her.

  6. I'm glad you didn't break anything! and scab reservoir? lol gross!

  7. love the scab reservoir idea! I remember when I'd get a cut and I'd suck on it, and ingest my blood, and think that I was doing myself some good. recycling it and all.
    sorry to hear about your busted body! you should totally take a picture and gross us all out.

  8. I don't do great sympathy so "Oh dear! Poor old you!" will have to suffice.

    If it's any comfort, I once broke three fingers of my left hand after falling heavily. Hurt like hell,but I was very, very brave about it.

  9. omg is it a brother trait to say that stuff. my brother asked me one morning (while eating frosted flakes) if i had seen the scab he put in the bowl on the counter!!!! im pretty sure i puked lol... and cannot eat ff since then!
    and googling it cant be any worse than when vince was little and use to eat his boogers. he actually did some research online and found a study that had been done (to show my sister & assure her it was ok) that stated it is not unhealthy to eat your boogers because the germs in them help your body build up its immunizations. he actually told my sister that is why he is never sick with colds like everyone else!!! (im sure he was about 9 years old lol)

  10. Scab reservior? Holy cow, that is priceless- cant wait to tell my husband! Sorry you fell, though:-(

  11. Just puked onto my laptop!
    Hope it heals...you can get some sort of spray which acts as a second skin and allows it to heal...my son works for a company that distributes it. They have very soft plasters too...well sort of plasters that do the same. It may help you heal more quickly.
    Just came by to thank you for your comment you just left on my blog and to completely agree with what you said. You are spot on.
    Now please don't put any photos up of your scab I'm feeling decidely squeamish today :)
    Cyber kisses to make it better

  12. Your little crybaby picture is great! Hope you're finally starting to scab up!
    OMG! I had to google merkin, since you said not to! How did you ever find that? ...the things that are invented!

  13. You know what's worse than a scab? I really sore sore that doesn't show any marks at all - I mean there should be SOME blood shouldn't there? So I'll congratulate you on your shiner!


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