Wednesday, January 12, 2011

word verification wednesday 4

it's that time again... the time when i take the stupid wiggly "words" that some people have on their blogs before you can post a comment & i breathe life into them. i give them meaning so that they can go forth & be useful.

gozoodi - an instrument played in ancient times by tribes in australia. as in, "i love to watch a skilled gozoodi player work his magic on those strings."

chumpita - a nickname for females in a latino gang. as in, "those chumpitas are actually better graffiti artists than the dudes."

moright - correct to a higher degree than someone else, as in "forget you, i'm moright this time and you know it."

ratwagg - what one might call a woman who's sneaky and underhanded. as in, "that ratwagg ran her mouth to the tabloids one too many times."

morteasm - what the squaw does when she wants her brave to join her in the teepee for some nooky. as in, "did you see pocahontas doing the morteasm in the doorway of her hut last night? tonto falls for it every time."


  1. That is just moright than wrong at this point!!!! LOL...maybe I should try out some morteasm!!!!!! LOL

  2. This is so funny! I have often wondered to myself...are these made up words or could they be real vocab~ I like what you have going here! cracks me up!

  3. My two versions of Gozoodi are the following:

    "GOZOOODI!" "Bless you, do you need a Kleenex?"


    I am honoured to introduce to you Godzilla and his lovely wife, Gozzodi!

  4. eva, i think you're going to win the blog-off, cuz you're moright.

    jana, go get your morteasm on! better practice first though, cuz it might be rusty...

    fiddlehead, i figured there are too many of those "words" that are so funny that they might as well be put to good use.

    tracy, i like your gozoodi's better than mine!

  5. Love this post although I hate word verification...


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